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Author Topic: packs of rabid Chihuahuas?
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This was from another board, and with the author's permission I reposted it here:

"i remember hearing on the radio a while back this story bout some people gettin attacked by a pack of small dogs down in texas. It turned out that some guy had let his chiwowas(sry bout the spelling, just try to sound it out) go in the desert thinking they would die. Instead, the little guys started eating lizards and stuff. when the animal control people rounded them up there was like 150 of the buggers, all feral. They were starving and i think some had rabies(thats why they attacked the people). The next morning when someone went to check on them there were only like 100 left cause they were killing and eating eachother. They all had to be put down, cept for some pupies that were found in on of the dens. The people wheren't hurt that bad, i think the worst was some stiches in a leg. If anyone else has heard or read anything about this plz post about it."

I say probably an UL. Even if it is, it is still creepy. That many rabid dogs would've made the news.

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Horse Chestnut
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Q: What do you call a Chihuahua walking in the desert?

A: Lunch

I did a search but only came up with the usual dogs living in filthy houses stories. I have serious doubts about this one.

A small dog in a wilderness area, especially a desert, would soon fall victim to birds of prey or coyotes. When I lived in L.A. there were constant news reports about people losing small dogs and cats to coyotes - and these were well loved, well watched pets, not abandoned animals wandering loose.

My guess is someone heard a "Morning Zoo" type fake news report and mistook it for the real thing.

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Kathy B
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The best I can do is a pack of 174 feral chihuahuas seized by Los Angeles Animal Control. Groups Fight Over Fate of 174 Feral Chihuahuas
Some experts have also warned that the adorable lap dogs, made wild by years of inbreeding and roaming in packs in the home of their elderly owner, were closer to miniature wolves than the cute breed made famous as the Taco Bell mascot.
More details and follow up

Kathy "feral affair" B.

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Joseph Z
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I thought it was I thought the dogs had a j somewhere in their name. Funny how it is pronounced to make it sound that way too. [Big Grin]

My thought was Chihjuahas

Joseph Z

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FOAF, but my Conservtion and Environmental studies professor told us a story of a time when, studying in Mexico, he and his buddy were delayed getting back to the rest of the group because they were stopped by a pack of wild chihuahuas. I think he only said it was 10 or so dogs but he and his buddy were careful since they didn't know if the dogs had rabies or anything.

So, no real citation or help, and I agree that 150 wild chihuahuas would have made the news.

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Barns & No Bull
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The idea of a pack of rabid feral dogs running around like this is utterly ridiculous!

In its early stages the rabies disease has little affect or observable symptoms but is still highly infectious from body fluids. Later stages are associated with mania, observable bizarre behavior & the classic "foaming at the mouth". At that point the neurological system is completely screwed. Hydrophobia is a common symptom which translates to "fear of water". It actually manifests as rage rather than fear. Swallowing becomes so excruciatingly painful that the brain converts a fear of swallowing into extreme aggression towards anything that would involve swallowing. These animals may attack virtually anything including their own body and inanimate objects. Death comes quickly but they are very dangerous during mania.

No pack of dogs with observable signs of rabies could maintain any semblance of sociability. It would be chaos. Only in the earliest stages would something like that be possible, at which point it should not be recognizable to an observer. The entire pack would probably become infected soon after one or a few individuals contracted it. Rabies is contagious by saliva and dogs lick each others mouths as part of their normal social behavior.

Some folks might translate aggressive behavior into a vivid description using the term "rabid". And so another urban legend is born. I'm not saying that a pack of feral dogs could not have rabies-infected individuals. I'm just discounting the story as it is told.

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