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Author Topic: Strangers Who Talk Too Much
Ms. Kringle
Markdown, the Herald Angels Sing

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*irritated sigh*

I have the "please, please, tell me your life story, and every crazy thought you've ever had" tattoo on my forehead, too, apparently.

Everywhere I go, there's always SOMEONE who has to start talking my ear off. And it's always, ALWAYS their whole life story, their political and religious affiliations, how they can't eat this food because it makes them blow up like a balloon, and they don't like the smell of the farts, and on and on ad nauseam.

And I am waaaaay too polite to do anything but nod and smile. I mean, I'm sure that if you look in my eyes, I have that, "Holy Jeebus, did this woman just tell me THAT?!" look going, but the people who talk and talk and TALK to me never seem to pick up on that.

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Grandma Got Run Over By a Gift Card

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Now, I can small-talk chat with anyone and I usually do. But small-talk in a grocery store line is a lot different than someone blurting out their life story or telling you the details of their recent surgical procedure that usually ends with: "...and the doctor said it was the biggest one he'd ever seen!"


Frog-No, please, I don't need to see the picture!-Feathers

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I'll Be Home for After Christmas Sales

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I must give off don't talk to me vibes, because I rarely get into goofy conversations with strangers.

I think the older I get, the worse at small talk I get. When I was younger, I had no problem going to a party, or get-together, and talking with people I don't know. But now that I'm older, I much prefer vegging out by myself, or with DW. I find that I struggle with conversation these days, unless it's someone I know, or here where I can take a sec. and compose my thoughts.

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Ding Dong! Merrily on High Definition TV

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Originally posted by FrogFeathers:
austiopath? (sp?)

"Osteopath." Same root word as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

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Jingle Bell Hock

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I think I avoid the random chatters the same way I avoid people asking for money: I simply don't make eye contact with strangers if I can at all help it.

And, for the record, the last time I had my hair cut, not much more was said than "tilt your head forward" and "does it look ok?"

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Happy Holly Days

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There's a Mennonite fabric shop that Mom and I go to once in a while; not often enough to be regulars by any means. The last time we were there, we heard all (and I mean ALL) about a cousin's wedding, complete with two developed rolls of film we had to look at. It took at least an extra half hour to get out of there. We wouldn't have suffered through it, but one was a fabric that Mom really, really needed for a quilt she was working on. But we haven't been there since.

I don't mind a bit of random small talk from time to time. But holy mackeral.

"No Biblical hell could ever be worse than the state of perpetual inconsequence." Beatrice in Dangerous Beauty

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Angels Wii Have Heard on High

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There's a guy who works at my local supermarket who just out-of-the-blue one day started telling me all about his life, finances, job situation, girlfriend, impending fatherhood, etc. while he was ringing up my groceries. The way he was speaking to me, he almost made it sound as if he was mistaking me for someone he knows very well, it was very strange. He's done it since then too, and it always makes me a bit uncomfortable because I really don't know him at all, and he often does this when there's a line of people behind me waiting impatiently to have their own groceries rung up.

Small talk and a bit of banter is one thing, but sharing life stories and personal information is quite another. I quite enjoy bantering, but some people just enter a whole other realm.

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Rob D / Blackwolf, the yule dodo
Deck the Malls

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Back in germany I was a window cleaner. This included residential places. So, I can tell you that some customers prefer having some small talk (while I did my job of course, not just standing around, gabbing while the windows remained unwashed), while others prefered the silent service. However, the deal is to talk about them, about about yourself, but not just telling them the story of your life, unless they ask about it (some actually do.)
At work, I'm a Housekeeper, I do chat with some who work there as well. Those that I know and who I know they want some smalltalk. But I usually dont sit down there, maybe I lean against the doorframe for a few minutes, while we talk.
I also chat with the night shift cashier at the grocery store I go to, but also because I know her and I know she wants some chat.

But for the rest... I dont mind if the hairdresser does small talk, I think it's part of their job. But if the UPS guy would tell me his story, I'd listen, but would think "WTF?". Fortunately I dont have to use a public transportaion system and thus had noone chew my ear off on those.

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Sharpened Steel
I'm Dreaming of a White Sale

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My mom, my sister, and I all have the same stylist and we've had her since I was eight. She knows a lot about our lives and how college is going before we go in there (my mom tells her during her "sessions") so we tend to chat about that. I'd probably be really uncomfortable if she suddenly stopped talking, or if I switched to a stylist who doesn't chat.

On the other hand, my mother and I seem to draw talkative people. I noticed it first with her, then when I got older it started happening to me too. Actually, right after puberty now that I think about it...

My family just had a case of a chatty person in a situation where we didn't want to be chatty. I rear-ended this woman (long story) and apparently she is a chatterbox. When we were looking at the damage, she kept telling me about her car, then asked me if I was a student or visiting (Maryland plates in Rhode Island and all that), and just on and on even after we had exchanged information. So then later she calls my home number and my sister picked up the phone. She then proceeded to talk off my sister's ear about how she hadn't slept in 24 hours, how she hadn't realized that the home number was in Maryland and not Rhode Island, how I had seemed really upset, and how we could remember her last name because her family was on the Mayflower (how this was supposed to help, I have no idea). Then when my dad called her to make arrangements for us to pay to have the scratches buffed out, she talked HIS ear off. Then she wanted to talk to ME again for another 10 minutes even though she had another call waiting. Really, all of our conversations could have been 5 minutes long and everything would have been sorted out, but she kept dragging them on to 15-20 minutes longer with the most random stuff.

Get used to his bad habits and decide whether you can put up with them...the rest of your life. 'Cause if you don't, then one day, you find yourself in the shed, sharpening the axe and idly wondering how thick the human skull really is.

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