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Author Topic: An INSANE Day
Little Sales Drummer Boy

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I've had some crazy days at work, but today had to be the end-all.

I got into the building four hours before work to dump my work shirt and tools off, because I had some errands to run in the vicinity (the bank, library, our sister theatre, and the grocery store are all within a mile radius of where I work, and I had business at all of them). Turns out that the morning ushers, who are supposed to be taking care of the theatre until I get there, never showed up for work. One called in and ran a line of crap with the manager about how he can't because of something personal, which is about the thousandth time he's done this, so he was summarily terminated. The other, no one has any idea where the hell he is, he has not called, not returned any of the calls left for him. This normally wouldn't be any more than an annoyance, but today was Friday, with Superman having premiered yesterday, and The Devil Wears Prada opening today. Turns out, the women in town were really gung-ho to see Devil: We sold out the very first show of the day (325 people), which is virtually unheard of for us on a weekday, even a Friday. In addition, we've also got Superman, which sold about 1/2, and three other theatres, all with a nice amount of people in them. So an entire theatre, jam packed with people, needed to be cleaned out, plus the other four, not to mention clearing out everyone from the previous shows and controlling the crowd for the next shows, all of which falls under the duty of usher. There was an hour and a half until the next round of movies started letting out, so I hauled ass out of the theatre, ran over and took care of all my stuff, and made it back in an hour. The theatres let out, and it's pandemonium. We've got a line from the podium to the front door for people for the next showing of Devil, all before everyone has gotten out of the last show. I get on a walkie-talkie and tell the projectionist to get down and help me clean, and the assistant manager came in and grabbed the broom. Total mess. Popcorn everywhere, bags thrown all over the place, candy everywhere, the whole kit and kaboodle. The people in the previous show were absolute pigs. Took fifteen minutes to get it in reasonable enough condition to start letting people in, and by this point, the line is outside the building, Devil has sold out again, and the single ticket seller is having to turn people away in between also selling tickets for our other shows.

Around this time, our second concession worker shows up, out of uniform, and asks if they can have the day off. Of course, the manager tells her no, can she not see the throng of people surrounding them? So the concession worker says, well, I need to go home and get my uniform anyway.

(Did I mention that our automated ticket selling machine, supposed to alleviate the stress on our human teller, crashed, because it runs on Windows 95, and needs to be professionally serviced because nobody at the theatre with any amount of computer savvy can figure out what went wrong?)

So we get Devil cleaned, and the assistant manager goes out to deal with the crowd while me and the projectionist go and finish up all the other theatres. In the midst of this, the manager ducks into the office to take a call from our sister theatre, and while at her desk, sees that last night's assistant manager not only failed to sign any of the evening's financial papers, but apparently dropped them on the floor and instead of ordering them just straightened them out and stuck them in a pile. The big problem here, is that the work week begins Friday, meaning that last night's papers are the "summary" papers for the week's finances. So the manager, who up until now has been trying to help the single concession worker service the crowd, freaks out and starts trying to fix what last night's assitant manager screwed up.

Finally, things start to die down, and we're at a pretty even keel. I go out and take over box office so that the ticket seller, who used to handle finances at another business, can go into the office and help the manager sort through the NFBSK'ed up paperwork. The assitant manager comes out and is helping sell concessions (the concession and ticket counters are connected, the outside box only being used at night and on the weekends for our "extreme crowds"). Finally, there is a break in the flow; and then, here comes this man.

I knew something was different about this guy at first because our theatre is in an "uppity" part of town and all of our customers dress preppy: Polo shirts, khaki pants, boat shoes, etc. Their clothes cost a lot of money but they look really casual and kind of sloppy a lot of the time. This guy was wearing a windowpane suit, dress shoes shined to the nines, whiter-than-white collared shirt and a pressed tie. The way he carried himself, too, set an alarm off, because the customers tend to swagger around with this kind of lazy strut, an "I'm richer than you and don't forget it" kind of walk. This guy was all business. Straight back, confident stride, went right to the assistant manager (who was in a dress shirt and tie). The guy in the suit reaches into his coat, and the next thing we know he's got a badge and ID out and he's saying, "Special Agent yadda yadda. Does a yadda yadda work here?" Me and the assistant manager each just about shit a brick. The guy that the agent named actually worked at the sister theatre down the road. The assistant manager tells him so. The guy nods, says thanks, and boom, he's gone like that. It seemed so inane; things were so hectic, and here comes a g-man. It was like we'd gone through some veil of insanity.

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Jocko's Jolly
Happy Xmas (Warranty Is Over)

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What does the guy do at the other theater?

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Deck the Malls

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Boy does that sound like where I work, except I work at a gerocery store and not a theater.

i reject reality and submit my own

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Little Sales Drummer Boy

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Originally posted by Jocko's Wild:
What does the guy do at the other theater?

No clue. I'd never heard of the guy. The assistant manager says he used to do concession at the other theatre, but that was over a year ago, and he has no idea what the guy is doing over there now, just that he still works there.
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