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Author Topic: MKULTRA/Project Monarch?
The Bills of St. Mary's

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I turned the TV on yesterday, and Sally Jesse Raphael was on. I normally can't stand the woman, but something about the guest on caught my ear, so I stayed tuned.

The guest was a woman called Penelope something (I wasn't paying too much attention at first) who claimed that she had been part of the CIA secret project "MKULTRA", which was started in the 50s. This project I know was real, a government experiment in mind control using various techniques from trauma to brainwashing to LSD to see what would happen, and if any were particularly practical. What she was saying went way beyond that, however. She claimed that she was involved in an offshoot (which I believe was called "Project Monarch".

She was taken from her family at age 4 and brainwashed (her mother was also brainwashed, her father consented). She was then groomed to be attractive to paedophiles (apparently 4 is the optimum age that paedophiles go for) and whored out to agents, both American and "enemy". They would be watched through two-way mirrors, and the agents were often either on LSD or some other drug. She says she lost her virginity at age 4.

During this time she was not aware of what was happening; she knew she was a "special patriotic kid", but they were dosing her with a drug (which I didn't catch the name of) which supresses the memory. She was "retired" when she was 22, and her memories only started resurfacing when her daughter reached equivalent ages. In other words, when her daughter was four, she started remembering how it started.

Knowing about things like the McCarthy Witch Hunt, the Tuskagee Experiment, the testing of DDT on an unsuspecting populous, and that MKULTRA existed, this didn't seem entirely unlikely. I decided to find out more, though. Today, I search the net, and the only references to Project Monarch (as opposed to MK-ULTRA) I can find seem to be on paranoid conspiricy sites. For example, here's an article by David Ike. This rather undermines the credibility of the story for me.

So, does anyone know any more about this? I believe the CIA at the time were capable of such a thing, certainly, and I believe that quite a few of the records were indeed destroyed in the early 70s. But how much of it is true? I suspect we will never know.

This is the most credible net article I can find

Troll "of sound mind" face

seriously , everyone on here , just trys to give someone crap about something they do !! , its shitting me to tears.

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hazy hot and humid rossdawg
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I doubt this highly. I have read numerous books on the CIA MKULTRA and LSD experiments and I never read anything about children being involved at all.

Their main LSD experiment houses were run by government informants who were usually local cops in cities such as San Francisco, where it really did the most "research" due to the excessive drug use already prevalent in the city and the undercurrent of "subversiveness". They were not into trying to "dose" Mainstream USA. The CIA was the largest purchaser and tester of LSD in the world before it leaked out via their "projects" in the mid to late 60's. They jumped on it because Phizer or Sandoz (can't remember which) said it was offering it to the Soviet government and our guys would not let that happen.
The CIA docs ended up dosing each other first to test it. And there is a notorious case where one of their serious good minded docs just hopped out a hotel window one night when he dosed repeatly.
Some in the CIA, which viewed itself as an elite community of intellectual Christians trying to save the U.S. from the communist grip, were shocked by this and wanted to stop working with LSD. While the majority saw this as the only indicator they needed to continue doing their research.
They "turned" lots of the proto-hippies. Some say Timothy Leary was in their pocket and he was a sellout who give numerous leads to CIA people. They were able to control plenty of adult women for their purposes, no matter how nefarious their plots I don't see them trying to seduce enemies here and abroad with a dosed child sex agent.

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The Red and the Green Stamps

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"They "turned" lots of the proto-hippies. Some say Timothy Leary was in their pocket and he was a sellout who give numerous leads to CIA people."

Some say? Who say? When say?

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hazy hot and humid rossdawg
The Red and the Green Stamps

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Here is his link to the CIA

Here is his link to ratting people to the FBI

Here is another mention that he told an author about it himself.

Here is the Kesey Leary link. More Leary Kaiser foundation links.

There are many more books out there too.

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The Red and the Green Stamps

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. -- From an incident, possibly, as it's happening to a "friend-of-a-friend"

. There's the possibility of a group of Local Officers wanting to get this person to exit/retire voluntarily from the Canadian Armed Forces....
Sure, they're calling him various degrees of "insane" (though it's not on the official records,
as subpoena'ed by an investigating lawyer),

could be as simple as prescribing one of the "Tegretol" family of drugs (Carbamazepine, in this case), & ordering him to report to Base Pharmacy, where an officer has been assigned to watch this person take his pill each morning.
(After 5 weeks of monitored dosage, there's enough buildup in this person's bloodstream that, within 5 days forgetting to take the drug himself, there will be a reaction resembling EPILEPSY -- though, it's actually the symptoms of an ADDICTION)

-- Has anybody heard of such a scheme to convince somebody to retire,
. Medical Category 6-J (Even in a badly-written Military/Mystery/Thriller?)

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