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Author Topic: Outing Noriega
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Comment: This is not about an urban legend exactly, but a story I keep hearing repeated, even used as a question on "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

During our misguided invasion of Panama to oust Noriega in 1988 (or '89?) I worked as a courier for the ABC News Bureau in Washington DC. A bunch of our news camera crews flew there to cover the story, and I picked up a crew at the airport when they returned. A camera operator (whose name I can't remember) told me: "You've been hearing on the news how the Army was blasting rock & roll music on giant speakers to flush out Noriega from the convent he was hiding in? That's BS. The speakers were directed at us- the media and bystanders - and the music was blasting so no one could eavesdrop electronically on the negotiations." The others in the group agreed with him. His opinion (and mine) was that a lot of dirty laundry was aired in those negotiations and a good parabolic microphone might have picked up some pretty incriminating dirt. Noriega has still never gone to trial. I don't know how you can substantiate this, maybe some of those news crews are still working in DC. A lot of crews from NY went, too. Does this sound like the rantings of a conspiracy freak? Hope not.

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The Red and the Green Stamps

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Oh he had a trial...

Then there is the cover up stuff...

NOTE: A television producer has told me that a friend of his who was
in a band, went to the Gulf to entertain the troops. Inflight, their
sound equipment was lost, but the military pulled up with a truckload
"of the most sophisticated sound equipment I have ever seen in my
life." When band members started to photograph the truck, they were
stopped by military guards who told them it was a highly- classified
piece of equipment and could not be photographed. Other sources have
told us they were puzzled when the Army placed powerful speaker
systems throughout the desert - "but no sound came out of them." An
estimated 20,000 Gulf War veterans are now suffering from the same
symptoms one would find in the victims of electromagnetic non-ionizing
radiation - aching teeth, jaws, joints, chronic fatigue syndrome,
destroyed immune system, etc. Still other sources tell us that this
top-secret ELF "barrier weapon" was used against Manuel Noriega in
Panama; the "loud rock music" blared at Noriega's hideaway was just a
cover to mask the real purpose of this powerful new weapon.)

GS> (Don't forget the sounds used on the Branch Davidians at Waco)

Acoustic Psycho-Correction Technology
Noise was also a key factor in the siege of Noriega's retreat in Panama, when US forces blasted high volume rock music and other sounds into the building day and night. The noise in Panama and Waco may have been used as a cover for to new thought implant technology called "acoustic psycho-correction."
Acoustic psycho-correction attempts to implant thoughts in the target's mind without the target being aware of the source of the thought. A voice of someone known to the target is synthesized and transmitted through loud noise; the target hears the voice, and is supposed to believe the message is his own thought. The technology was the subject of author Dick Russell's article in Prevailing Winds magazine in 1995. Says Russell:

Last July, an article in the monthly periodical Defense Electronics described a series of secret meetings held last March in suburban Northern Virginia between US intelligence officials and a group of Russian scientists. They were talking, the article maintained, "about the Russians' decade-long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person's mind without that person being aware of the source of the thought." The FBI was apparently considering using the Russian device - dubbed "acoustic psycho-correction" - on David Koresh, sending in the voice of God (or, alternatively, of the cult leader's mother) in an effort to get the Branch Davidians to emerge. But the Russian scientists allegedly refused "to promise zero risk."
When the NIJ's David Boyd was asked recently whether any non-lethal weapons were considered for use in Waco, he responded: "I have to answer that very carefully. The fairest answer is, none were suitable."

(Prevailing Winds Magazine, Vol. 1, 1995, Non-Lethal Weapons by Dick Russell).

ross "bread and water" dawg

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The Bills of St. Mary's

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Well, I'd always heared that acoustic weapons were just far too energy-inefficient to work. I've read a few articles on them and they could be summed up by the off-the-top-of-my-head-badly-remembered misquote "Acoustic weaponry is very expensive and doesn't work; a bullet is cheap and does". I mean it's not physically possible, to the best of my (admittedly limited) scientific knowlegde, to eliminate the divergence of soundwaves more-or-less at all, certainly not to nearly the extent that you do with a laser. So, you have something that's unfocussed, pretty indiscriminate and that loses power exponentially the further away from it that you get. Certainly not the best weapon design that I've ever heared of.

The "subliminal messages" idea is intriguing, but isn't the jury still out on wheter subliminal messages actually work? This site claims that the CIA and the scientific community still know nothing. Admittedly, they're talking about visual subliminal messages, but I'd still have thought that using hypnotist or mentalists tricks would be more effective than a synthesised voice that's supposed to know what someone close to you (who? Everyone who's there?) sounds like.

Troll "now read every 6th letter...." face

seriously , everyone on here , just trys to give someone crap about something they do !! , its shitting me to tears.

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