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Author Topic: Don't shower during lightning
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Originally posted by ali_marea:
Ok, while I appreciate the Red Cross trying to inform people, I think this is a little misleading:

Every thunderstorm produces lightning, which can strike as far as 10 miles away from any rainfall. Thunderstorms to do not produce lightning. Lightning produces thunder. That's how we get it. So a lightning storm may produce thunder, but you can't have thunder by itself.
That's not how I was reading it. I read it as the storm creates lightning, not the thunder.

And the storm would be behind the lightning, of course.

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You are right, Canuckistan. But it is a tautology to say that "every thunderstorm produces lightning". A thunderstorm is, after all, a storm that produces lightning!
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Or else it would just be a storm... right, Ganz?

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Right, Ganz.

thun·der·storm n. A transient, sometimes violent storm of thunder and lightning, often accompanied by rain and sometimes hail.

No entry found for lightning storm.
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Of course I work in a radio station which is in a mettal building, we have all kinds of electronic and computer equipment, and we whear headphones plugged in to an audio control board taht has computers, cd players etc hooked to it. Nice to know I work in a death trap

Seriously though. I've had many arguments with my wife about how she thinks leaving the computer on will make it more likley to be struck by lightning. A point which I've brought up on other threads. Her thinking is if the computer gets struck while it's turned on then it must have been struck because it was turned on. Kind of like saying if your running the dish washer and it starts raining then the dish washer must have made it start raining. A point which seems to go right over her head.

We don't do anything that requires water or phone use during a storm. We are on the computers tracking the storm. and where is my computer located. Right by the front window and the front door and our bed is located right next to two windows. One at my side and one at the head board. Talk about hopeing for good luck.

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It is common practice for the ground of a house's electrical system to be tied to the water main. In other words, if you have an electrical short in any 3-prong device, the dangerous current flow has a path to ground, through a wire attached to the incoming water pipe. A lightning strike in the vicinity of a house can elevate the "potential" of the ground, because of the thousands of amps flowing through the lightning strike. With the elevated ground voltage, you can have enough potential difference between two feet, or a hand and foot, to create a deadly current through the heart.

Ever see an electrical substation? Ever wonder why they are always covered in rock? It is to increase the contact resistance between one's foot and the ground. An electrical fault in a substation can have the same effect - thousands of amps flowing to ground elevate the voltage at that point. The voltage falls off with distance from the point of flow into the ground, however, there will still be a voltage gradient perpendicular to any line from the centre of this point. If your feet are sufficiently far apart, the voltage difference between your feet will be enough to cause a deadly current to flow.

This is why it is advisable to keep your feet together if you are in an area which is likely to be struck by lightning.

Lightning and lightning protection is one of the subsets of electrical engineering - in particular high-voltage and power engineering. I have a pretty good grip on this. Leaving a device *on* does make it more likely to be damaged, simply because the there will be a path for damaging current to flow. Except that most devices these days use solid-state switches which will turn on in the presence of a high voltage fault, so it really doesn't matter, as long as the device is plugged in.

After my uncle's brand-new Zenith TV (circa 1980) turned "on" permanently as a result of a lightning strike on the power system, for many years after this we unplugged expensive electronic devices (i.e. tv, stereo) when a storm was likely.

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