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Icon 1 Soy makes you Gay? larkstongue 10
   by Em
Icon 23 Anchovy in the Box NocturnalGoddess- naughty or nice? 6
   by Wild1
Icon 13 Lard ban snopes 10
   by 00-Saleen
Icon 23 Earthworm preservative snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 23 A true Christmas urban legend snopes 1
   by tagurit
Icon 218 Babe != pork sales snopes 5
   by Paulie Jay
Icon 81 Pineapple + crab = death snopes 14
   by Angel With Wax Wings
Icon 86 McDonald's -- anything but what you think it is Pages: 1 2 3 snopes 99
   by Major D. Saster
Icon 24 McDonald's Magic Coke snopes 13
   by FullMetal
Icon 1 Sixteen things you never knew about vodka black roses 19 12
   by OptimusShr
Icon 86 Student Faces Charges in Semen-in-Dressing Case snopes 2
   by Yleemjseg
Icon 502 A sacred cow legend - Kobe beef Ganzfeld 1
   by Syllavus
Icon 1 Cracking the myth on eggs snopes 11
   by Doug4.7
Icon 1 Milky Way Confusion- it's the other way round here? Peacockalorum 28
   by Gavida
Icon 1 Eating Kleenex? SmirkDirk 18
   by surfcitydogdad
Icon 23 Dead dog rumor squelched snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 212 Spicy food remedy snopes 33
   by Jonny T
Icon 23 Doubts swirl over claim of worms in burger snopes 4
   by invisigoth
Icon 23 Mmm, semen snopes 30
   by ThistleSoftware
Icon 05 Got milk, but not for long Bramble Silvertree 5
   by snopes
Icon 23 Alligator Soup Raises Eyebrows in China snopes 3
   by Doug4.7
Icon 23 NY Cracks Down on Illegal Mystery Meats snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 81 Death by raw dough snopes 24
   by Floater
Icon 99 chess pie Santa Mari-a 11
   by Kathy B
Icon 23 McRib = surplus pork snopes 16
   by Geoff.
Icon 23 Sausages affected by draconian trade laws snopes 34
   by RLobinske
Icon 23 Hazards of low-carb diets Pseudo_Croat 25
   by tweetilynn
Icon 23 Envelope = one calorie? snopes 7
   by Ron Miel
Icon 81 Diet soda = early death snopes 24
   by Nick Theodorakis
Icon 86 Food-borne bacteria evolving, becoming more dangerous snopes 10
   by diddy
Icon 23 Cowboys Coach Claims Rat in Salad snopes 12
   by rogue
Icon 98 Ice cream sodas created by accident? die daagliks phosdex 3
   by Keeper of the Mad Bunnies
Icon 101 Vegemite banned in USA? FrogFeathers 28
   by Angry Snail
Icon 500 Finger in Subway Sandwich SmallTownKid 13
   by WereSpamamander
Icon 1 The ability to smell cucumber is genetic. skeptic 13
   by ChelleGame

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