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This forum is for the posting of crime-related legends, "dumb criminal" stories, and other urban legend-related topics concerning to illegal activities.

When the focus is the law rather than crime (e.g., "Is it illegal to . . .?" types of questions), entries should be posted to the Legal Affairs forum rather than the Crime forum.

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    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 1 Online scam turns honest citizens into fences for stolen goods snopes 6
   by MissEltoe
Icon 18 Put the brakes on car ad scam snopes 1
   by Lady Neeva
Icon 99 Nigerian pleads guilty to Internet scam snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 108 Jobseeker stung by 'brazen' phone scam snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 402 Mexican jewelry bandits snopes 4
   by Keeper of the Mad Bunnies
Icon 103 Don't use someone else's catalog! snopes 5
   by Sly Dog
Icon 87 Robot-reporting resident left with egg on his face snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 1 Fifty years for stealing a pizza. skeptic 9
   by The Ota Faction
Icon 18 $0.01 charge snopes 1
   by ica171
Icon 600 Dead lamb from Crate & Barrel snopes 10
   by Cervus
Icon 605 Robbing Ft. Knox -- slowly snopes 19
   by NancyFancyPants
Icon 213 Someone, quick, call me a cop! snopes 4
   by DAnnino
Icon 18 Stealing Blue Cross snopes 13
   by annabohly
Icon 15 Mum loses $10,000 snopes 3
   by me, no really
Icon 203 Australian bank notes can not be forged. skeptic 5
   by SiKboy
Icon 18 Woman Assaulted After Man Sneaks Into Her Back Seat Algae 6
   by Seltaeb
Icon 402 Casing attacks snopes 4
   by Alluvian
Icon 1 kthxbai James D 34
   by ComicBookGeek
Icon 1 Wild West, women tied to train tracks. Pure panto? skeptic 4
   by Legion600
Icon 1 OKC gang hoax rogue 7
   by Avril
Icon 402 10 myths about school shootings snopes 15
   by RubyMoon
Icon 97 Baby Abductors Shifting Focus Pages: 1 2 snopes 36
   by Mouse
Icon 15 Another School Shooting Hypno Toad 0
   by Random Dan
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