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This forum is for the reporting of "sightings" of urban legends. A "sighting" is the use or mention of an urban legend in a citable work of popular culture, such as a book, a film, a television program or commercial, or a regular commentary or monologue by a nationally known figure (e.g., Paul Harvey, Jay Leno).

In general, a "sighting" is the kind of information we would list as a bibliographical citation in the "Sources" or "Sightings" section of one of our pages. "My teacher told us about 'Bloody Mary' yesterday" or "This morning Bob & Fred on WBOG in Cowlick, Oklahama repeated the 'Hare Dryer' legend" are not examples of sightings, because hardly anyone knows who your teacher or Bob & Fred are.

This forum does not allow replies. Discussions of sightings should be carried out in the forums most appropriate to the subject matter.

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Icon 302 Gasoline and vacuums don't mix Goombah 0
   by Goombah
Icon 1 Walter Matthau's name on Netscape Homepage musicgeek 0
   by musicgeek
Icon 1 Robert Altman and the Phantom Hitchhiker Gerald 1
   by Brad from Georgia
Icon 1 Nigerian Scam in cartoon - Broom Hilda noreen 0
   by noreen
Icon 98 "Duck's quack doesn't echo" legend in Non-Sequitur comic TallGeekyGirl 0
   by TallGeekyGirl
Icon 502 "Mr. Ed is a zebra" greenlit on Mr. Furious 1
   by Four Kitties
Icon 201 HOW TRUE ARE THESE TALES? snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 09 Carjacking snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 603 Nigerian scam on Dr. Phil Amethyst Dragon 0
   by Amethyst Dragon
Icon 1 Nip/Tuck (Spoilers for last 9/27 episode.) ChelleGame 0
   by ChelleGame
Icon 1 Killer Cactus Muridae 0
   by Muridae
Icon 201 Article on subliminal ads DawnStorm 0
   by DawnStorm
Icon 1 Breathstealing kitty in today's S*P IlGreven, Swan a-Swimmin' 0
   by IrGleven
Icon 09 Sci Fi Channel Trifecta? Keeper of the Mad Bunnies 0
   by Keeper of the Mad Bunnies
Icon 605 Chinese lottery in Sunday's Blondie onein6billion 0
   by onein6billion
Icon 1 Pepsi: Pay Each Penny to Save Israel Elwood 0
   by Elwood
Icon 503 419 scam in today's Doonesbury Four Kitties 0
   by Four Kitties
Icon 1 Pop rocks Christie 0
   by Christie
Icon 1 Monkeyman935/Slavemaster in the Roanoke Times TallGeekyGirl 0
   by TallGeekyGirl
Icon 05 Gas prices petition Squishy0405 0
   by Squishy0405
Icon 1 Pluck Yew legend repeated on Assume the Position Mad Jay 0
   by Mad Jay
Icon 1 Kidney theft UL in "Scrubs" Mr. Furious 0
   by Mr. Furious
Icon 217 KNX News Radio Tells "Brick" Glurge BrianB 0
   by BrianB
Icon 1 UL mentioned on last night's episode of Medium LibrarianJen 0
   by LibrarianJen
Icon 1 Not Lucille Ball, but, Fillings Picking Up Radio TallGeekyGirl 0
   by TallGeekyGirl
Icon 1 Chaplin loses lookalike contest in "Lucky Number Slevin" TallGeekyGirl 0
   by TallGeekyGirl
Icon 1 Pop Rocks and Soda in Musical A Guy Named Goo 0
   by A Guy Named Goo
Icon 1 Chandelier No Evil in Canada Russia 72 waterlily 0
   by waterlily
Icon 501 Gasoline + toilet = BOOM! TB Tabby 2
   by kingfan1978
Icon 220 UL sighting in my high school library SmallTownKid 0
   by SmallTownKid
Icon 604 Disney's "The Wild" Debunker 0
   by Debunker
Icon 1 Grey's Anatomy Legend Strawberries 'n Sugar 0
   by Strawberries 'n Sugar
Icon 1 The Shaggy Dog movie ULGirl 2
   by 1958Fury
Icon 87 Daddy Longlegs are deadly according to Michelle Rodriguez Astra 0
   by Astra
Icon 106 ET Carts in Landfill Spotted in Music Video Nion 0
   by RelicMan

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