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Author Topic: Frog in the toilet
We Three Blings

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I thought I'd pass this along as one more verified instance of something often found in Urban Legend territory (or is it?).

My aunt, who lives in Tampa, Florida, was cleaning her downstairs toilet today. She poured in a bleach solution and left to let it do its work. Shortly, she heard her dog barking furiously and splashing noises coming from the bathroom. When goes in, she discovers a very large bullfrog (exactly how large I don't have specifics on) in her toilet bowl. She removed the frog and put it in a container full of clean water, hoping to wash the bleach off of it, but alas the frog died shortly afterwards (if this behavior sounds at all odd, it may help to know that my aunt works for an animal cruelty prevention and rescue organization).

Understandably distressed, she calls the water company and asks how a frog could get up through her toilet. She's lived in this house for 22 years with no such incident, although they have had snakes get in through open doors and trapped in their swimming pool filter. The employee from the water company said that, yeah, it happens. Her sewer system is apparently "open," meaning that at some point a pipe has separated between her house and the main sewer line (or in the sewer line itself, in which case other people on her block could experience similar situations). She asked "Well what is there to keep a snake from coming up through my pipes and getting in the toilet?"

His answer: "Nothing." He said they'd send a crew out sometime in the next month to try to locate the "disjuncture" in the pipes and determine if it happened on the city's side (in which case they will pay) or on her side (in which case, she will will have to pay).

Anyway, I know the fears people have of things attacking them via their toilet often crops up in Urban Legend books, but here's at least one case of genuine toilet invasion.

And I'd ask, how uncommon is this really? Anyone else have creatures pop up in their toilets or drains?


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Ding Dong! Merrily on High Definition TV

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Logobros, I live in Florida. I have had not one, but TWO frogs in my toilet that I can remember. Lots of critters get into the house, especially on cool days when we leave the doors open (frogs, lizards, snakes, birds, possums, raccons, squirrels...we've had 'em all).

We never thought the toilet frogs came up through the sewer, we figured they came into the house, hopped around for a while, and found water. I remember being 8 years old, and lifting up the toilet lid only to find this THING looking at me. I screamed and ran for my father. it was only a little tree frog, but it scared the crap out of me - almost literally. So, yes, it does happen. I'd naturally freak out when encountering something in my toilet, but would not be terribly surprised if it was something local.

BTW - the "very large bullfrog" was most likely a Bufo toad. The poisonous kind. Bufo marinus . Your aunt should not have touched it (it's the kind that secretes poison through its skin) and if her dog licks it, he will get horribly sick and may die. I'm not joking, these are very largy, ugly, warty-looking toads that were introduced from South America, and they will make your pets ill if they injest the toxins. They can grow up to 4 or 5 inches long. They are an invasive, dangerous species so don't go out of your way to save them. I'm just sayin'...

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Won't somebody please think of the adults!

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Hans Off
Markdown, the Herald Angels Sing

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I was staying at a campsite in Broome in western Australia which had frogs living in the toilet bowls (I'll try and dig the photo's out later)

Pretty green ones that hid under the rim! Flush once and you see their bum start to slide out, flush again and the frog drops into the bowl swearing it's head of! (well going 'ribbit' anyway) It's fairly common around there (my sister saw the same thing at a different camp site in Oz) As far as I could tell the frogs there jumped into the toilet rather than swam in from outside.

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The Red and the Green Stamps

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We used to occasionally get frogs in the toilet when I was a young 'un. It used to scare the heck out of me! [Big Grin]

They must have come through the sewer as we always kept the seat down (and never had frogs anywhere else in the house).

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It Came Upon a Midnight Clearance

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AAAACCCKKK!!! I should not have read this post!! Ever since I was 10 and a girl in my Sunday School class told about a TV episode where a boa constrictor killed someone by comming up through the toilet I always have to look first. [BTW I know a constrictor is highly unlikely in real life.] Sometimes at night I have to turn the light on b/c I freak myself out. At least a frog won't bite me.
This is seriously my biggest stupid fear. I hate that it's actually possible and not just pure UL.

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Deck the Malls

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Years ago my elderly maiden aunt had an unwelcome toilet visitor...only hers was a rat. She was highly strung with a heart condition, so it was a wonder she didn't drop dead right on the spot. My dad had to come kill it for her. Naturally, they called the city, and she was told the problem was corrected. Some months later she raised the lid and found another rat. My mother bought her an old-fashioned metal slop jar somewhat jokingly, but my aunt actually started using it. I swear to God she didn't sit on the toilet again until her dying day.
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