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Author Topic: Study on Tears
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There was a study done where a control group of 100
people were divided into two. 50 people watched a
very funny, tears-of-laughter type movie. 50 watched
a very sad and tears-of-compassion type movie.

At the end of the sessions researchers collected the
"happy tears" and the "sad tears" with eye droppers.

They found that "happy tears" are made up of
brine...salt water and not a great deal else.

However the "sad tears" were found to contain the
very same chemicals and enzymes that are found in
tumours, ulcers and other such lumps and bumps and
sicknesses through out the body.

This test concluded that the body, when crying in
sadness etc is literally flushing out all of the
toxic-chemicals that accumulate and are a part of the
sadness /heart ache experience.

Therefore if one holds back those tears, those
toxic-waters will find somewhere else to deposit
themselves..... and prolonged lack-of-crying-release
will guarantee that the body will accumulate a huge
amount of internal pollution and toxicity that
should have been released through the it any wonder that the eyes sting so
much when we hold back our tears?"

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Sounds like Glurge to me. [Razz]

"Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you."
- C. G. Jung

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have yourself a Merry Little Galaxy
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And what about indifferent tears - you know, the kind you produce 24/7 to keep your eyeballs lubricated?

Sounds glurgey to me, too.

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains - that's why I live in Melbourne, where it always bloody rains.

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“Protective” tears moisten the eye, wash away irritants, and protect it from infection. But these protective or “irritant tears” — caused for example, by chopping onions — are different fom “emotional tears” — tears caused by emotions, such as grieving. Biochemist and tear expert Dr. William Frey has researched chemical differences between protective and emotional tears. Emotional tears contain three chemicals released by the body during stress: 1) Leucine-enkephalin — a mood-elevating and pain reducing endorphine 2) ACTH — a hormone considered to be the most reliable indicator of stress and 3) Prolactin — the hormone that regulates milk production in mammals.

Frey states that emotional crying has a physical purpose: tears are secreted through a duct, much like urination. He believes that like urination, tearing may be involved in removing toxic substances or waste products from the body. He posits that this is why so many people report feeling better after crying. The venting of emotions is helpful, but the actual chemical composition of the discharged tears may be involved in this feeling of well-being.

Interestingly, there is a 24 percent higher concentration of protein in emotional tears than in irritant tears. This protein carries the molecular code for emotions throughout the body. Frey also states that our tear gland concentrates manganese, a mineral involved with our moods, and tears remove this concentrated mineral from our body. The concentration of manganese is 30 times greater in tears than in blood serum. And while irritant tears were 98 percent water, emotional tears contained many more toxins.

I remember in Brave New World, they would go to the doctor to have emotions induced. I can't recall the character names right now, but A was being kind of pissy and B said something like,"Uh-oh! When was the last time you had a Violent Rage? You should get to Dr. C ASAP!"

I always feel better after a good hard cry. At least once my face changes back from purple and the swelling around my eyes goes down a bit.

I can't put my arms down!

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Happy Holly Days

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Bugger. I saw that or a very similar documentary on the BBC but can't find the title online. It was for either "Horizon" or "QED". But although they did get sad tears by making people watch sad movies (I think the one they selected was one about a mother losing her children in the middle east or something), the control sample tears were collected from irritants like onions, etc.

The findings did jibe with the broader point that the body adds some very different chemicals in tears produced by sadness and concluded that tears were therefore beneficial. I'm sure they didn't say that not crying gave you cancer, though.

Anyone else remember it? It played out with "The Crying Game" by Dave Berry if that helps jog anyone's memeory.

"You watched it. You can't UNWATCH it."

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Lenina and Fanny, from [u]Brave New World[/u]? It was called a Violent Passion Surrogate. All the tonic effects of murdering Desdemona and being murdered by Othello without any of the inconveniences.

"You can't play Electro-magnetic Golf according to the rules of Centrifugal Bumble Puppy."
-Mustapha Mond, "Brave New World"

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So it sounds like both "happy" and "sad" tears contain enzymes that normal tears lack. Still, it seems that in order for tears to be a good eliminator of toxins, one would have to cry to the point of dehydration, which I doubt is possible.

Besides, are the enzymes in tumors, ulcers, and sundry lumps and bumps any different than the ones in "normal" flesh? Again, I doubt it.

I have a feeling that the alleged health benefits of a good cry are primarily due to the stress relief that it provides.

- Pseudo "cry and you cry alone" Croat

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