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This forum is for technical questions and discussions of computing and scientific issues not related to this site or urban legends.

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Icon 603 Macintosh sales go up, Apple is going to switch Macs to Intel from PowerPC Squoval 7
   by Bill D.
Icon 1 How to change my computer's language settings? Rhea 3
   by Rhee in a chestnut tree
Icon 604 How to Cure Aging Luminus 11
   by Just_this_guy_you_know?
Icon 1 How do I play this DVD, mon? Mad Jay 17
   by Mad Jay
Icon 05 So, why are there different types of screws? Oualawouzou 31
   by Ole Pappy
Icon 1 Computer editing software (for video) Mickey Blue 4
   by RangerDog
Icon 1 Sony DRM Rootkit Jaeger 2
   by Jaeger
Icon 1 a question about a computer virus Vivling 6
   by Vivling.
Icon 1 PC upgrade advice needed. slow_and_lazy 8
   by slow_and_lazy
Icon 505 Random Screen Scrollling, part 3 Cervus 2
   by Menolly
Icon 05 Is it legal to download free MP3s from the internet? Pages: 1 2 Rhea 37
   by Dawnshadow
Icon 603 MIT's Wireless Users Are Dots On Maps snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 603 Internet to ask, 'How may I serve you?' snopes 0
   by snopes
Icon 1 Recommendations for a digital camera Wild.Otaku 12
   by Jaeger
Icon 05 The Numberless Number? Snafu 27
   by abigsmurf
Icon 505 My mouse is on PCP! Roadie 0
   by Roadie4JCM
Icon 1 Microhouse Elkhound 10
   by Stan's The Man
Icon 05 Data recovery question ica171 0
   by ica171
Icon 102 Hubble reveals possible new moons orbiting around Pluto. BrianB 1
   by TrekkerScout
Icon 05 Zip drive question. tribrats 9
   by UE Loyalist
Icon 1 I just discovered the coolest thing Wild.Otaku 4
   by Kev
Icon 88 His Stellar Discovery Is Eclipsed snopes 3
   by Pseudo_Croat
Icon 1 AVI file being a pain trollface 7
   by Jacob's Ladder Child
Icon 1 Caller ID for Your E-Mail Joe Bentley 2
   by The Haunting of Wild Otaku
Icon 101 Confused Calculator? Pages: 1 2 Nion 46
   by Alkatr0z
Icon 601 Games you're looking forward to Pages: 1 2 Cure the Blues 44
   by Joe Bentley
Icon 101 Hydrogen Car Produces Its Own Fuel Robigus, Frozen Mushroom 2
   by StewPot
Icon 101 Zen Micro mp3 accessories paisley claus 12
   by Kev
Icon 1 The lightbulb is obsolete. First of Two 7
   by Ganzfeld
Icon 1 Biofuels Pages: 1 2 Elkhound 47
   by Elkhound
Icon 105 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland MapMaker 2
   by MapMaker
Icon 1 How many Microsoft employees does it take to change a lightbulb? Mad Jay 6
   by smoke
Icon 1 Hovering Vehicles...Possible? Pages: 1 2 Nion 36
   by BlackForge
Icon 1 Quick Question For My British Friends BeowulfGirl 16
   by Jason Threadslayer
Icon 1 Bizarre boot problem trollface 4
   by Alkatr0z

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