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This forum is for the posting and discussion of urban legend material relating to various forms of entertainment (movies, music, television, etc.). It is not a general forum for chat about non-UL topics such as "What's your favorite movie?" -- please use the "Entertainment chat" forum in SLC Central for those types of discussions.

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    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 212 "Captain Electric" ring snopes 3
   by emperor_genghis_khan
Icon 208 Memorable cinematic moments that weren't meant to be. Pages: 1 2 3 TheBobo 102
   by daisy747
Icon 05 Dustin Diamond aka Screech foreclosure? Ala Charm 2
   by emperor_genghis_khan
Icon 1 Gizmondo handheld gaming system a Swedish Mafia front? Illuminatus 2
   by emperor_genghis_khan
Icon 107 AC/DC is satanic acronym? Necko 26
   by Simon Says
Icon 84 "Alabama" donut theft snopes 4
   by Cervus
Icon 05 Lead singer of Disturbed gay? Mickey is a Hanukkah Bush 11
   by MizzyLou
Icon 1 Schemer is dead?! TheLazenby 11
   by TheLazenby
Icon 402 "Happy Together" snopes 3
   by Faith
Icon 605 Corey Haim's teeth snopes 3
   by IckleMissPhonics
Icon 09 AC-DC song entitled "Big B***s" Pages: 1 2 Barbara R. 67
   by Tomcat
Icon 503 Lords Of Acid question (May be NSFW/NFBSK) Angel With Wax Wings 18
   by bthyb
Icon 86 Lark Voorhies, coke user snopes 1
   by Canuckistan
Icon 08 Let's fix up Paul! snopes 20
   by KingDavid8
Icon 607 Emo Kid 21 Ohio and Emo Girl 21 are hoaxes. TheBobo 3
   by Xia
Icon 1 Megabucks slot machines Pages: 1 2 susan_kerry 56
   by valee
Icon 106 Radio DJ sacked for sexy outfits? - Not exactly... (Maybe NFBSK) Don Enrico 0
   by Don Enrico
Icon 08 The Body Microphone and the Broadway Actress DavidDivaD 18
   by ChelleGame
Icon 1 Gary Sinise nanax7 5
   by KingoHrts
Icon 101 Lampoon liftime subscription free with tattoo? greenbean 2
   by Troberg
Icon 502 Mister Ed is racist snopes 5
   by TheBobo
Icon 81 NSFJ: Munchkin hanging snopes 3
   by Malruhn
Icon 503 The final Calvin and Hobbes Pages: 1 2 3 snopes 90
   by Ramblin' Dave. Dry. Crisp. Witty.
Icon 18 Mission: Impossible snopes 3
   by RealityChuck, the punisher
Icon 81 King's Cross snopes 2
   by Faith
Icon 1 South Park gets one by the censors Pages: 1 2 Hobbes 53
   by Demonic Matt
Icon 1 River Phoenix Funeral danascully 14
   by Canuckistan
Icon 1 American Idol rigged? Clarkone68 27
   by Clarkone68
Icon 16 Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) Missed Fl.11 on 9/11? Hobbes 27
   by Troberg
Icon 204 Dr. Phil snopes 8
   by bthyb
Icon 08 Ms. Pac Man snopes 1
   by Troberg
Icon 1 "Why don't you try acting?" Santa Mari-a 5
   by AliBaba
Icon 1 Perfect people's secret Richard Nixon 26
   by candy from strangers
Icon 402 Spartacus snopes 8
   by Mournful
Icon 1 Star Wars: The Phantom Bad Feeling Grand Illusion 23
   by Gavida

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